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Question and answer with Emily Hum from SCAD.Question and answer with Emily Hum from SCAD.

What environment helps you to work best?
Good music or movie playing in the background, a warm drink by my side, and my head full of inspiration and ideas. Sometimes I put on some incense or scented candles, too.

What gets you motivated or inspired when you're not?
Inspiration is everywhere for me, it’s just a matter of recognizing them and doing something about it. Music, colors, texture, facial expressions, all kinds of beautiful things are inspirational. I keep many art books, inspirational magazines and a folder-ful of interesting elements that never fail to pick me up when I need them.

What do you like to draw the most/least?
I think I have grown to love feminine aesthetics most of all. Anything that is soft, gentle and curvy is really stimulating for me. Even though I can appreciate more masculine styles of futuristic robots or apocalyptic scenes, it's just not in me to enjoy painting them, so I leave them to those who do!

What made you decide to be an illustrator?
Nothing is more frustrating to me than wasting time. I want every moment in my life to be fun and happy. It's not easy to be an illustrator but I think it was worth it because I have so much fun painting anyway, and getting paid to do what I love is icing on the cake.

What medium do you prefer to work in and is that the medium you usually end up working in?
I enjoy digital art and yes, recently most of my work has been digital. It is just more convenient at the moment. I also enjoy painting using watercolors but it's not my primary media nowadays.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Art books and images that I stumble across on the Internet are great inspirations.

How do you choose your color schemes (i.e. online color palettes, color wheel, trial and error)?
I tend to enjoy bright and cleaner color schemes. I think this may be influenced by my watercolor training, where I always use bright and transparent colors. Anything that looks fresh, clean and bright are usable to me. Sometimes I use a photograph or a lighting reference to keep me in check, but mostly I just pick whatever that looks good.

session 2!

This is the second session of Kylee's tattoo.. tattooed by Sarah Miller.
It's amazing how it's turning out. Sarah said that it'll require many sessions to complete, and each session needs 2 weeks in between for the skin to heal. I'll keep updating as it happens, this is very exciting for me as the artist of this pic!

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much recently. Life got in the way and I found a new job as a graphic designer/illustrator.. it's so great :)! I'm balancing my etsy with my new life, but I've taken a vow to keep blogging and active. Just because it's a craft blog doesn't mean I can't share stuff with you guys!

The best compliments involves pain..

This is mind blowing for me.

This is a work in progress of my Brief Glimpse painting being tattooed on Kylee.
The tattoo artist is Sarah Miller.

holding a dream

This painting took ages.. it was a mixture of bad timing and slightly off-inspiration..
but at the end, everything worked out and I think this turned out just right :)
This was a commissioned painting by a friend.

Lisbonsky's giveaway!

Lisbonsky is doing a Fantasy Giveaway of one of my Brief Glimpse note cards!
It's ending soon so if you'd like to participate, click here :) Good luck!

ice cold golden eyes.

A new treasury.. I just love these decadent style items.