Little Prettlings featured Butterfly Kisses on their blog!
It's such an adorable blog, too!

ink girls

Emotional Blackmail / Atalanta
The Queen of Invisible People / Protection

I do think I am hopelessly obsessed with ACEOs.
The originals are currently for sale on my ebay.

recipe cards

Sneak peek of what's comin'! Recipe caaaards.
I worked on these till 7am, and didn't even want to go to sleep because I was having such an outrageous time! I'll take better pictures tomorrow and see how they do in my shop.
You can see a bigger version of the food here.

comic series II

Commissioned art trading cards. Good thing the commissioners gave me info about these comic book characters.. I had no idea who they were! But it was fun to make them and to find out about new characters. Wonder Woman is still my favorite though.

hooky bookmarks

Bookmarks :) I had waaaay too much fun taking photos of them. I don't even sell much on etsy yet I still love to make the thing perfect. I should probably get back to work.

le teatub

It is not often I sell my original paintings, but I thought I'd give the teatub girls a try.

flower series

Flower series, this was a no brainer!
Rose, Cherry Blossom, Sunflower and Daffodil is up on ebay.

My favorite is Rose and Cherry Blossom of course.

Comic series

Original marker art! These are fun like hell to paint!

Craftgawker #1

I'm on Craftgawker today!
Not bad, considering it was the first time I applied, too.
Honestly I did not even expect my work to be picked, but I'm really happy!

Also, HappyCloudMoments was so nice to feature my work on her blog. I warn you.. her blog has so many cool stuff that I found myself adding all kinds of items to my cart!


This is my second original ACEO.
She's the cutesy blueberry girl, and I love her so. I think the next one will be blackberry.

The only part about ACEOs that I don't like is to measure out the dimensions of the card. I should probably make a template or something!


So I am going to use this blog to showcase my crafty side! I have been known to conjure all kinds of crazy stuff, and perhaps I should gather them into one blog that isn't my art blog.

To the left is an ACEO (Art cards, editions and originals) I made using Copic markers, of a cute lolita girl. I plan to make more based on this series of lolita fashion!