Lisbonsky's giveaway!

Lisbonsky is doing a Fantasy Giveaway of one of my Brief Glimpse note cards!
It's ending soon so if you'd like to participate, click here :) Good luck!

ice cold golden eyes.

A new treasury.. I just love these decadent style items.

digital commission.

A simple digital commission for Kare Ink.
I had so much fun painting her face but kinda lost interest in the hair and wings.

ohayocon commission.

This is a simple watercolor commission for a visitor
at Ohayocon 2010 at Ohio last week. It's pretty fun to make!


It's a giveaway!
Win the above 4x6 inch notecard from the giveaway host LisbonSky.
There's a brief interview with me on her page, and instructions on how to win the card.
It's super easy.. good luck!!