As a painter of women, I'm often asked who I think are the most beautiful women in the world. My list is always changing except for a select few classics, but one woman always remains the top of the list. Marilyn Monroe.

I can't really say why, though. She's definitely got a beautiful face, but there are many girls with beautiful faces. Her cheesecake films frankly, in my opinion, did not age very well into our modern times. I find myself appalled by the ludicrous plots sometimes. And perhaps her back story added to the appeal, too. It was heartbreaking to see how much she was suffering when people thought she had it all. But there's lots of people who suffer in the world, so that can't be it.

All I know is this- whenever Marilyn is on screen, I just can't tear my eyes away. I remember watching Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and feeling quite sorry for her co-star Jane Russell because whenever Marilyn is on screen, I just can't look at anything else. I had to drink up every move she makes.

Part of it is the way she smiles her most seductive smile. Her half closed sultry eyes really add to the sexiness.. her breathy voice, and the way she moves, and her gorgeous, healthy body unlike the stick thin girls of today... all of this add to who I think is my most perfect movie star of all time. The two Marilyn ACEOs above are just teasers.. some time in the future, I want to paint a full fledged painting of Marilyn that expresses all I feel about her.


nomadcraftsetc said...

Marilyn is VERY pretty! And yes I often ponder why I think she is so gorgeous! Lovely post!

Caroline said...

She definitely had an element of charm that went beyond basic beauty. Lovely work!