scrabble art.

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Scrabble tile pendants! I just love these things, they're so tiny and cute, so light and looks so trendy against my neck. So I thought I would try to make my own using my art!

But when my scrabble pieces arrived, I fell in love with the natural wood texture on em. I just can't bring myself to cover it up with artwork. So I took my ink and watercolors and painted faces on them, careful to maintain the wood texture, and then glazed them up with dimensional adhesive. They came out insanely awesome, and I can't wait to wear them out!

I will be making more of these.. I mean, I've got 98 more scrabble tiles! :)


Kimmai said...

Wow... I would've never thought to draw on the back of scrabble pieces. They look so shiny! Your signature luscious lips are perfect for these ity-bity pieces. d(^-^ )

I guess you made it into a pendant, so one can't play with them (nor would anyone want to with your collectables ;P), but I was just thinking, that it might be cheating to be able to buy the pieces and add it into your game (^-^;)